I can help you increase your revenue.

If you know what potential customers want from you, and how they want to buy it from you, you can increase your sales.

You can make it easy for your customers to move effortlessly from interest to purchase, online or off.

They'll be happy to give you their money, and refer their friends.

Hi. My name is Kristin Zhivago. I've been helping CEOs and entrepreneurs market and sell more effectively for years. I started out in high-tech in 1969, and branched out into other industries in 1994—while continuing to work with tech companies.

Because of my tech knowledge, I can help clients sell the most technical products and services, and properly employ marketing and sales automation systems. And I'm always up to date on the latest digital marketing tools - including social media.

I am a "revenue coach."
I teach CEOs and entrepreneurs how to make more money by understanding what their customers want to buy from them and how they want to buy it. I am an expert on the customer's buying process.

I can help you reverse-engineer your successful sales, and then manufacture new sales in quantity. Here's how I would do that for you:

  • Interview your customers and prospects to find out what their needs are, and the promises they want a company like yours to keep. Then I will help you make and keep those promises with your products, people, and processes.
  • Design and improve revenue-growing systems and campaigns. Working together, we can improve whatever needs to be improved: your brand/position; marketing campaigns, both online and off; marketing processes and systems; selling processes and training; your website; email marketing; blogs; social media and social commerce; search engine marketing and optimization; departmental and managerial staffing; and customer service.
  • Recruit, screen, recommend, train, and manage the right people for in-house marketing, sales, technical, and management positions, and find the best vendors for outsourced services and systems.
  • Identify market opportunities that are appropriate for your business—both within your current customer base and product line, and in new areas.
  • Create viable go-to-market strategies and plans that will actually work, given the needs of your target market and your ability to meet those needs.

I can work with you on a hourly, project, or retainer basis— whatever works best for you. With every project, my goal is to work myself out of a job, teaching you how to fish.

My methods are logical, hype-free, and proven.

Feel free to give me a call at 401-423-2400 for a confidential and results-oriented discussion of your situation. The first hour is always free. You can also send an email to kristin at zhivago dot com.

I look forward to helping you.

Kristin Zhivago
Revenue Coach


Revenue Growth Services

I will help you increase your revenue by aligning your selling efforts with your customers' buying process. I can help you do whatever is necessary to make it easy for customers to buy from you, including: redesigning marketing and sales; restructuring websites and developing content; repositioning the company, products, and services; coaching the CEO, managers, and staff; optimizing business partner relationships; and recruiting needed personnel. 

Speaking & Workshops

I speak for companies and associations all over the world on the subjects of increasing revenue, successful selling, marketing, and managing in the age of social media, and leadership. I love connecting with the audience and delivering new, strategic-yet-practical keynote speeches, webinars, master classes, and workshops. attendees prior to the event to ensure I address their specific goals and challenges. I also can provide website evaluation for attendees.

Books & Guides

Roadmap to Revenue: How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy is Kristin's new book - and it's getting 5-star reviews from the CEOs, entrepreneurs, and managers who are reading it. It is the world's first revenue-growth how-to guide. It explains exactly how to reverse-engineer your successful sales, recreate new sales in quantity, and change your company from company-centered to customer-centric for continued revenue growth.